Feedback: Parents and Professionals

“You have a unique ability to connect with young adults on the autism spectrum. They share frustrations with you and even better, they listen to your suggestions and coaching on how to handle social situations. You are able to coach these kids better than any educator my son has encountered in his school career. The sessions were proactive in trying to train the kids before they encountered situations that may present a problem to them in the future and coaching them on situations they already faced that could’ve been handled better. I appreciate your insightful and encouraging approach.”
Dianne R., Orlando, Florida
Mother of a teenage son with Asperger Syndrome

“My son looked forward to these meetings. This small group of 16-18 year-old teens bonded nicely under the leadership of Dr. Pat. A safe environment was created that encouraged the teens to feel comfortable to openly talk with each other. As the facilitator, leader, director, mentor, counselor, Dr. Pat was able to keep the kids engaged in their discussion and helped my son learn to express himself with words and to connect with his feelings.

I would recommend Dr. Pat to everyone that wants his or her child to learn to be able to communicate effectively in our society. It was a great opportunity for my son and we were blessed to have had Dr. Pat as our group leader.”
Margaret H.., Orlando, Florida
Mother of a teenage son with Asperger Syndrome who participated in small group social skills coaching

“I have had the privilege to observe Dr. Pat’s  professional expertise in providing services in the area of social communication to students with varying exceptionalities. He has provided social communication training in a wide variety of settings with an emphasis on “real life” social & vocational situations….  His unique ‘coaching’ approach provides his students the opportunity to experience real success with social communication in their daily lives.”
Susan McKeown, Melbourne, Florida

Retired Speech-Language Impaired Program Coordinator
Brevard Public Schools, Florida

“I have had the honor of witnessing Dr. Pat Craanen’s work with students with social communication challenges. His proactive coaching style provides students and adults with the tools they need to successfully navigate the social communication intricacies involved in every aspect of life. As an educator I have seen firsthand the impact social communication challenges can have on people of all ages as they attempt to develop friendships, understand the social aspects of school, date, obtain and maintain employment, and develop long-term meaningful relationships with others. These are skills that are not traditionally directly taught to most students or adults.

People who are impacted by social communication challenges need social communication skills directly taught and developed with a hands-on practical approach like the one provided by Dr. Pat. By taking the initiative to provide the skills needed for successful social communication Dr. Pat helps those he works with understand the social interactions encountered in our daily lives.”
Carolynne Spaulding, Merritt Island, Florida
Staffing Specialist
Brevard Public Schools, Florida